Merritt Services, Inc. is a nationwide loan document signing service for companies working in the mortgage industry providing knowledgeable, professional, efficient Signing Agents nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Merritt Services staff and our Notary and Attorney Signing Agents are dedicated to you and your client to ensure a satisfactory closing.

  • Use our 'Schedule Closing' site for submitting your order.
  • You schedule the appointment with your borrower and our signing agent will confirm that time.
  • Closers contact our office to confirm arrival at closing site and call again upon completion of closing.
  • Upon closing, closers can fax back any documents you require before shipping documents.
  • Documents are shipped according to your specification same-day to the address you provide.
  • Email confirmation and tracking number provided by signing agent within 4 hours of completion of closing.
  • Merritt Service, Inc. staff reports back to you the status of your closing.
  • Office open until the last closing is completed.
  • Excellent work each time guaranteed for smooth, hassle-free transactions.

Merritt Services, Inc